Dodge rvs for sale in Maryland

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1978 Dodge SPORTSMAN


Frederick, Maryland

Year 1978

Make Dodge


Category Class C

Length 23

Posted Over 1 Month

This vintage Class C has been remodeled and renovated. It is designed as a tiny house for one. It was in bad shape when I bought it two years ago and I have repaired previous water damage to the roof. Old beams removed or reinforced, all wood treated or replaced. Foam board insulation added to ceiling and walls, ceiling replaced with new luna covered with cork. Cork is also on the doors and cabinet facing. Original stove/oven, furnace, black and grey water tank. No hot water heater. Refrigerator replaced with energy efficent freezer/refrigerator conversion (AC power only). Wiring and outlets updated. New fuse box and converter. Two outlets wired for inverter and two for converter/shore power. One house battery with room for another. New power cord with adapters. Plumbing has been replaced with pvc (cold water only), water tank cleaned and sanitized. New insulated air ducts. Original couch removed and replaced with twin bed. Original dinnette removed and replaced with bookshelf, computer desk. One dinnete bench remains with storage underneath. A nice cozy reading nook now. Bamboo flooring (not laminate). No air conditioner - replaced it with vent w fan. Passenger seat removed but bolts still there. "Dog House' reinsulated and sound proofed. 7 tires that are only 2 years old. Have replaced all belts and hoses, distributor cap, spark plug wires, air filter, gas filter, U Joint collar, shock absorbersWhat doesn't work: when I replaced the water pipes I added cut off valves, repaired the tub drain that didn't match up with the grey tank inlet. But the shower isn't really funtional as a shower. Also I bypassed the bathroom sink (was prone to leaks) and ran new pipes to the existing toilet. Except I never found the right connector. Toilet works but you have to flush by pouring water in it. 440 engine, dual Quad intake. Runs great and I've driven her 5k miles. But came from Colorado and she needs the carb adjusted a bit for flat land (to much oxygen). Dependable engine. 8-10 mpg Call with any questions. Will upload more photos soon

1978 Dodge Based Class C RV Just used in august, upgraded plumbing+ 360ci V8


Oakland, Maryland

Year 1978

Make Dodge Chassis

Model Mini Motor Home

Category -

Length 22

Posted Over 1 Month

*This RV was purchased as our first venture in to RV ownership / traveling. We had a lot of fun but already found another bigger one that will be a better fit to travel with more family. To be clear we are selling this only because of the desire and need to go bigger* We drove it to the longest yard sale at the beginning of august and drove a total of 1257 miles round trip during 4 days. During the trip we cooked meals, showered, used the bathroom, and slept all in the RV. This would make a perfect unit for a couple or 3 to 4 people. The last owner Claimed a lot of things (long story) but they said 5 slept in it. We used this as a couple adventure (Me and my wife) and had a blast. Camp sights were friendly to the older ride, and a few older rv-ers, asked all about her, being it was of a classic vintage. Vehicle has a Big V8 360ci dodge attached to an automatic 727 transmission with Dual rear wheels on the rear axel. Dual exhaust. Cruise control was working great on the highway. Has CB radio in dash, with a decent antenna, and hidden modern radio. NEW 3 stage voltage converter (was 230 bucks). Has forced air propane heat, roof air conditioning, propane stove / oven, propane water heater, 40lb onboard propane tank, Fridge (A/C), microwave (A/C), Shower (small Stall type with shower wall, not just a curtain), toilet, bathroom sink, double kitchen sink, fold up extra counter, cabinets on both sides, stove vent (that blows outside), freshwater tank, grey water tank, black water tank, onboard generator (original type, that will run Air conditioning!), one main rear receiver for a hitch, and one light duty upper receiver for a carrier. 30 amp hook up plug. We were able to run ac from a 20amp line using an adapter to an extension cord. Sewer line (discharge line) included. Has two batteries Please read carefully, as I will try to list the replacements that we have had done. May be more not listed. TIRES! cost 900.00 replaced all 7 tires with new (including the spare.) We had 8.75X16.5 size tires installed which were taller and easy to get. (reduced the rpm on the highway) Speedometer was off by 3-4 miles according to the GPS speed at 60mph. Not bad for the fuel savings. New Voltage converter, the other was old and dead. Replaced with 3 Stage converter for modernizing the electronics (old was a single stage.) Converter converts shore line power to 12volt for all 12v systems and to charge coach battery. $230.00 Exhaust manifold gasket on right side was replaced due to an exhaust leak, that came from a loose bolt. We are including the extra left side gasket with the vehicle. 25 bucks New Radio System (cd mp3,dvd, radio head unit) Separate system from original one, with remote and its own speakers Radio is a Boss audio and has Camera input and video output. Remote control allows this unit to be behind the drivers seat. Speakers are in a stock like location 4 inch and 5.25 inch coaxial speakers (kicker both sizes) and they work well. $180.00 with speakers New fuse block for added electronics with blade style connector and wiring 50.00 this included additional wiring to the radio incase you wanted to power a subwoofer as well. should handle a larger amp. There was no front dome light I like to have one, I added a simple dash switch operated dome light near drivers door, 15.00 New coach battery cables. 30.00 have to be long for the battery to be hooked up correctly. Backup Camera added to radio system to make backing up easy. 35 bucks Added head up screen to radio / backup camera system over head. 30.00 Replaced brake master cylinder (was leaking). 75.00 Upper radiator hose replaced (was in danger of leaking) (code on hose was from 78) 15.00 Radiator cap replaced 15.00 Radiator flushed 35.00 New wiper blades 12.00 new washer nozzles added to hood (original arm mounted ones were broken) 20.00 Front ac was recharged (previously converted to 134a from r12, by unknown person or business) the recharge was needed due to a loose fitting. ac does work but being an r12 system the 134a won't be as cold as it would be as a r12. lines look like they have been swapped during the process of the conversion. 120.00 Rear section of roof over the bathroom had a water leak when we purchased it, leak was at the panel seam on the room between the rear and the roof. the roof rack that was on the vehicle looked to have contributed to the leak. The seam was separated and sealed with new hardware and any damaged wood was replaced (2 whole roof cross beams replaced), and insulation was replaced after repair was finished, new paneling installed after roof was repaired. Rv / Trailer coating (3 coats) were applied after repair for added insurance. Roof rack and ladder included incase you want to install it back. 575.00 in parts and 2 months of labor Generator has a switch in the coach to turn it on with no pulling strings, or fiddling with choke or other. Electric starter generator. also charges the starter battery on the chassis. Had to swap this in from another motorhome $180.00 used from someone parting their MH. plus exhaust pipe on muffler for it 50.00 Entire incoming line (pressure line) plumbing replaced with 1/2 inch pex line with all crimped fittings (no push fits or compression to leak). Now the plumbing is up to task with modern public water pressures, with no need for pressure regulators and no brittle quest line. $180.00 in parts and a week of labor New kitchen faucet installed during the plumbing. 35 bucks on sale Pump was taken out and tested and seals checked or replaced by a service center. 20.00 New counter for the bathroom sink section from a real countertop 20 bucks. Furnace was non-operational when we acquired it (bad board) we got a modern UIB (dinosaur electronics) 90.00 bucks, and we had the whole furnace removed and cleaned as well as the sail switch, and valves inspected. Furnace cycles on and off properly and heats well. 80 bucks These items all added up are 2852.00 not counting on all the personal labor or time finding the parts or people to service parts or the cost of the vehicle its self. What has not been finished but was on my list was to change the intake manifold gasket and intake gaskets and valve cover gaskets (included is a set of valve cover gaskets.) there is some oil seeping around those areas while running. Also could benefit from a little carburetor adjustment needed to fine tune it. Again we drove it 1257 miles the way it is. and did not have an issue with driving it. We did run it with the air on and during the rain on the highway during the trip. every time we put gas in the tank we divided the miles by the gas used refilling it to the same place on the gauge each time. At the worst we got more than 10mpg (closer to 11), and at one point on a flat country route it was over 12 mpg. we cruised (in cruise control) at 60 on the highway to save on gas. This is priced as an entry level RV Motorhome with the basics for a fun trip, a long getaway or even a prepper wagon. The RV is currently titled in Maryland, and was previously titled in PA. The PA title had it titled at 122k miles, I do not believe it has that many miles on it. Sure it could have rolled over on the odometer, but I think It was a titling error by the last owner. The only evidence I had in my judgment about this was the tire were 20 years old that were on it and the original upper radiator hose was on it. Also the odometer does not appear like the way a rolled over one would be off set after roll over.

pick up and camper


Waldorf, Maryland

Year 2004

Make Dodge

Model 2500

Category -

Length -

Posted Over 1 Month

nice 2004 diesel 4 door gold color leather int nice automatic trans fully loaded all options 2 wheel drive has towing package 22 mpg camper is like new never camped in year 2012 very light 1000 lbs has sink water fantastic fan has stove camper is palimno 600 series outback no ac fan works nice has 3 way fridge will sell seperate 13,000 for truck 5,000 for like new camper located in waldorf maryland call 301 418 5979 perfer phone calls im 74 yrs old