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Ford Think Street All-Electric Legal Golf Cart 35mph


Walnut Creek, California

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Make Ford

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Category Golf Carts

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This is an extremely Cool Ford Think Electric Car. Street Legal on roads up to 35 MPH. Also legal on the golf course. Range up to 30 miles. Perfect for Walnut Creek, Rossmoor etc., running to downtown and back. in 2002, Ford built a plant to produce this car. Electric cars are all the rage right now, and this was a pioneer. It may not be a Tesla, but it sure gets as many looks, if not more!There are other Ford Thinks out there, but this one is exceptional. Besides the full-wrap camo "paint job" in the two years I have owned it I have replaced the batteries, the charger, the motor and the main board, so under the hood, it is practically a new vehicle. The mileage re-zeroed when I replaced the board, so the dash says it has 130 miles, but it actually has a bit over 1000.Please contact me with questions of for a test drive. Happy Holidays!Frequently asked questions:Range, 30 miles on one battery chargeTop Speed limited to 35 miles per hour by law.Recharge the batteries overnight at any 110-volt outlet.Unlike a golf cart, the Th!nk is street legal; yes you can use this as a golf cart, in Turf mode the top speed is 15mph.$6000 includes car cover. No special charger equipment needed, just an extension cord and an outlet timer.Specifications for the 4-passenger model:Curb weight 1,400 poundsOverall length: 114 inchesOverall width: 57 inchesOverall height: 68 inches (mini van height)Wheelbase: 78 inches