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1997 Lance LEGEND 500


Lexington Park, Maryland

Year 1997

Make Lance

Model LEGEND 500

Category Truck Campers

Length -

Posted Over 1 Month

1997 Lance Legend 500.   Lightly used, in good condition.  please call or email for further information.  Moving, must sell.

NO HAGGLE PRICE 03 Lance 1010 wetbath kitchen power jacks generator nice & clean


Thurmont, Maryland

Year 2003

Make Lance

Model 1010

Category -

Length 10

Posted Over 1 Month

NO HAGGLE PRICE 03 Lance 1010 wetbath kitchen power jacks generator nice & clean CLICK HERE for our location on MAPQUEST specs here: floor length 10'1" / width 93" / interior height 6'10" dry weight 2690 lbs / overall length 18'1" / center of gravity 58" fresh/gray/waste water 33/21/14 gal 6 cubic foot 3 way fridge Generac 3400W generator, LP power, 36 hours, does not run power corner jacks 30A power cord rear patio awning roof ladder NADA retail value $12,450 Questions about our eBay deals? EMAIL ME any time, or call / come see me during my office hours, and I'll get you all the answers you need.  All my contact info is at the bottom of this auction, in the "contact us" section. This one's not an auction. We've got our best price, right here in the ad. This is a SEVEN-day listing, unlike our usual ten day listings. Why? It saves me a few bucks to list it for 7 days, and since we're not making anything on it at this price...we're saving every penny we can! And no - offering to buy it outside of eBay won't save you a cent. I pay my fees when an item is LISTED, not when it's SOLD - since you're reading this, it means I've paid my fees already, so you might as well just click that button and buy it! For all you "rock bottom" shoppers out there...THIS is your unit! No bidding, no haggling, the price shown here is as low as it's going to get. All of this doesn't mean it's a "bad"'s just housecleaning time on our fully-packed lot. This camper has been here for a while, for one reason or another (color, age, weight, layout, whatever), and with all the fresh trade-ins we're getting it's time for us to make some space. That means...YOU get to SAVE MONEY.   This is a nice truck camper - it's not perfect, but I couldn't find any real "damage" on it anywhere. All you need to add (if you don't have them already) is the tie down points on your personal truck, and a set of turnbuckles to hold it in, and the wiring plug to power the lights...and you're all set! If you don't have tie down points or wiring, email me your truck's information (year/make/model/bed size/factory or aftermarket hitch/fender flares/side steps - those are ALL questions I need answers to in order to spec the right mounting points) and I can put together a fully-installed price quote for you. We're a one-stop-shop, and we can certainly install all the items you need to get down the road safely with your new-to-you Lance!   No odors. Nice options. Good working 3 way fridge. Ice cold a/c. CLEAN wet-bath. Complete kitchen. DSI water heater. No rips. No tears. No stains. No signs of pets. TONS of storage. And LOTS of space! This Lance has held up VERY nicely over the last dozen years - I was very surprised when I walked in, at how nice it actually is! There's a nice big dinette right inside the door, the cabinet overhead converts into a lightweight bunk for little kids, the wet-bath is super clean (and shiny!), the kitchen is roomy and complete with lots of cabinets and all the appliances you'd expect, the fridge is HUGE, the a/c is ice-cold, and the front bed is nice and roomy and in good shape. The very front wall right in the center is the only spot we could find any water leak evidence - the front corners look good, the wardrobe cabinets are nice and clean and straight, and everything is nice and clean and solid other than that one spot. There's no LP on board, it was traded in empty, but the water heater clicks like it should, trying to light. The jacks work nicely (it's how we got it off the customers' truck when they traded it in!). The only thing that flat didn't work, is the generator - it only has 36 hours on it (3 hours a year??), and doesn't even click when you hit the start button. But, the way we have it priced, you're definitely saving MORE than enough cash to get it repaired, or install a replacement. This is a LOT of camper for the money!! I didn't see any body damage on it. The passenger rear corner is separated just a little bit below the floor level, but you can strap that back together easily enough once you get it home. There's a nice folding entry step, good passthrough storage doors, a 30A campground power cord, a front-of-bed mounted cord for lighting and truck power, and good looking glass all around.  This camper has a 10 foot floor length - that tells me, even though the brochure isn't committed one way or another (see link above), this is a LONG BED CAMPER. It's going to stick out past an 8' bed by 2 feet. And, it's not ultralight - nearly 3k lbs empty. You're going to need a decent truck for this one, no six cylinder half-tons here! But if you have a nice 3/4 or one-ton truck, you're in a position to get (and save a TON of money on) a nice used Lance here. Put a little time into re-sealing your seams and joints, throw a tune-up and clean-up on the generator to get it running (it's not "broken", it's just never been used and these things don't like to sit!), and you're going to have a HECK of a camper here...for HALF OF BOOK VALUE!!! Why do we sell on eBay?  Exposure, plain and simple. We want as many people as possible to see our items, so we can sell more of them. What do we sell on eBay? Mainly RV's - we're an RV dealer, and we sell clear-title, private-party trade-ins. There's a scrolling gallery on every one of my auction pages that shows all our current listings - we've got a little of everything. Want a dirt-cheap project camper? Got 'em. Want a good deal on a nice RV? Got those too. Motorized, towable, popups, 5th wheels, travel trailers, you name it and I probably have one (or more) that will fit what you're looking for. Don't see what you're looking for? Email me! I'll see what else we've got in stock that might work for you! What about those cars and trucks and motorcycles I've seen you sell? We sell "mainly" RVs - but sometimes we trade in non-RV's towards an RV purchase. If we have a boat, or a motorcycle, or a car or truck in stock...we'll list them too. It's that exposure thing again - we want more people to SEE our units, so more people will BUY our units. I'm here to SELL, just like eBay shoppers are here to BUY. Can I come see an item in person before I buy? SURE!! Our location is at the top of this ad - there's a link to us on Mapquest, you can plot your directions right there. Just make sure when you get here, that you ASK FOR JOE (THE EBAY GUY).  Why do I need to ask for Joe? Because I write all these ads personally. I take all the photos personally. I go through all the units personally. And most importantly for my buyers - I GET HUGE DISCOUNTS ON THESE UNITS FOR MY BIDDERS!! These very same units are on our retail lot...for thousands of dollars MORE!!! Want to save a couple grand??  ASK FOR JOE WHEN YOU GET HERE. If you don't ask for're going to get one of my coworkers (there's 19 salespeople in the retail department...but only ME in the eBay department!). That co-worker is going to try to sell you the exact same unit for MORE MONEY. And when you say "but I saw it on eBay for less"...they're going to get grumpy because now they have to turn you over to me, and they don't get paid for all the time they spent with you. That upsets them...and I don't like it when my coworkers get upset.  Just ask for JOE right off the bat, and we'll avoid all that confusion! (Want to save some dough on a brand new unit that we have in stock? Ask for Joe...and I'll see what I can do for you!) ?Can I buy it outside of eBay? You could...but why?  My pricing here is thousands below retail - I've DONE your haggling for you already! You're going to save a TON of cash by buying it here on eBay. It's quick, and it's easy. There are no surprise fees when you buy it here - for you, or for me. I pay my listing fees when I put an item onine, and  there are no eBay fees when they sell on eBay. You don't save anyone a penny by trying to buy it outside of eBay. If I have to pull an item because of an off-eBay hurts my seller rating, so we try really hard not to do that. Its better for everyone, if you just buy it here in the auction. If you want to see it in person, come out and see it...but bring your smartphone so you can click that button on the lot. People do it all the time! When you do, you get a great deal on an item...and I get paid for the work I did writing the ad!  If you buy it from one of my coworkers...I don't get paid for all the work I did on the ad!! That doesn't save you any just means THEY get paid, NOT ME. Do you like getting paid for the work you do? So do I !!!!!!! So...BRING YOUR PHONE and CLICK THAT BUTTON!! All bidders must be 18 years of age or older. Your bid is a legally binding contract to purchase this item as it is presented in this auction. Please do not bid if you are not genuinely interested and financially able to complete the transaction within the timeframe listed below. Please review eBay's User Agreement, which you have already agreed to if you are able to place bids on eBay. Please have any financing / funding in place before bidding. If you win an auction and then cant get financed, you will forfeit your deposit. If you would like to apply for financing with beckleysrvs, please click here for our secure, online credit application. The application ONLY works with INTERNET EXPLORER! The 3rd party software we use is not compatible with Chrome, or with Safari, or with mobile devices. If you don't get a confirmation email after submitting...YOUR APPLICATION DID NOT COME THROUGH. Beckleysrvs reserves the right to: Obtain and verify the personal information as registered on eBay, of all users who bid on this auction. Report any users to a collections agency in the event of nonpayment of a winning bid in accordance with the terms listed below. Cancel any auction at any time due to a local sale of the item shown here. A $500 non-refundable deposit is due within 24 hours of auctions end. Paypal, or Visa/Mastercard, or cash in person, are acceptable deposit methods. All purchases must be paid in full within 7 days of auctions end. Acceptable payment methods are US cash in person, a certified/cashiers check, third party financing check, or a bank wire transfer. Non-US residents may pay with US cash or wire transfer only. Visa/Mastercard/Paypal is accepted for the initial deposit ONLY. Failure to complete the purchase in this timeframe will result in the buyer forfeiting their deposit, receiving negative feedback in the ebay system, and the item being re-listed for sale. Also, please see item 4.b. above. All items must be paid in full before being released by beckleysrvs. Items must be paid in full via bank wire transfer before any documents are sent out (in the case of an item being picked up by a shipper). Please see below for more shipping details. All truck camper buyers, regardless of place of residence, are responsible for 6% Maryland state sales tax. There are no other tag/title fees for truck campers. If you like an item - BUY IT. Don't wait, hoping to "save on fees" - I pay my fees upfront. Beckleysrvs does not ship truck campers. All shipping charges and logistics are the responsibility of the buyer. All items are located at 11109 Angelberger Rd, Thurmont MD, 21788. See the top of the auction for a Mapquest link to our location. We recommend as a resource for buyers who need to arrange shipping to their location. We are happy to work with any shipper the buyer decides to contract with, but we are not responsible for any delays or damages caused by shipping processes. Once this item leaves our facility, we assume no responsibility for the condition of the item. Any claims or communications regarding shipment of this item are to be between the buyer and the shipper. No items are released for shipment until paid in full, and all paperwork is completed and verified by our staff title clerk, please make this clear to your shipper. Any item being picked up by a shipper and not by the purchaser, shall have a $199 documentation fee added to the price to cover postage, office prep time, and remote filing of documents. As of December 5, 2014, our storage facility is completely booked, with a waiting list to get in. We have ZERO storage spaces available. I would suggest checking with your local U-store-it type locations if you need storage - most of them will park an RV in their lots for a monthly fee. Unless otherwise noted in the item description, our ebay units are sold as-is, where-is, with no warranties expressed or implied. Our items are checked as noted in the ad, but we do not do any official "inspections" or put tools on them unless otherwise noted in a specific ad. If you want the LP filled, battery checked, etc - email me, and I'm happy to get you a price. Ads and details are accurate at the time of printing. Beckley's Camping Center makes no warranty or guarantee regarding the condition or functionality of our ebay items. You are bidding on a used item - it will show normal signs of use, and normal wear. Any excessive wear that we have found, will be noted in the description and photos. Do not expect a brand new unit -these used units will not be perfect, and we have not restored them to 'factory condition'. It is also not possible to document every single scratch, nick, or ding. Used units may or may not have any operators/owners manuals included with them - we are at the mercy of the people who trade them in. If they don't have them to give to us, we won't be able to give them to you. Anything we DO get, we absolutely pass along - manuals, remotes, spare keys, etc - but not every unit has those items. The manufacturer's warranty MAY still be in effect. Extended warranties MAY be available, please contact Joe to discuss available options and pricing for a specific item. Truck campers are not titled in the state of Maryland. Truck camper buyers will receive a bill of sale to show proof of ownership. All items sold by beckleysrvs are private-party trade-ins, unless otherwise noted in a specific advertisement. All items are to be picked up and paid for within 7 business days of auctions' end. Beckley's Camping Center (beckleysrvs) is a family-owned and operated RV dealer located in the mountains of western Maryland, one hour from DC, one hour from Baltimore. We have been in business since 1980, and cover more than a dozen acres with new and used RV's as well as cars, trucks, motorcycles, quads, boats, and various other items that people will trade in on an RV. We average over 100 sales per month, are consistently included in a "Top 50 RV dealers in the USA" honor roll, and have been named the #1 RV dealer in the state of Maryland for the last 13 years straight. We are an RV dealership that is licensed by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration. All bidders and shoppers are encouraged to contact Joe with any questions they may have about our items for sale. Our eBay office hours are Monday - Friday from 9am - 6pm (Eastern time). I always encourage contact by email - even during office hours, I am very rarely sitting at my desk. Emails will alert my mobile phone wherever I may be on our 14-acre facility. Our toll-free number is 1-800-296-6959. Please be sure to ask for JOE by name - I'm the one who does all our ebay ads, so I'm the one who will have the answers you need. If I'm not at my desk, LEAVE ME A VOICEMAIL! I can't call you back if you don't leave a message!! ALL INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS ADVERTISEMENT (ORIGINAL PHOTOS, TEXT, AND OTHER CONTENT) IS THE SOLE PROPERTY OF BECKLEY'S ENTERPRISES, INC. AND MAY NOT BE COPIED, REPRODUCED, OR OTHERWISE DISTRIBUTED FOR ANY REASON. UNAUTHORIZED USE IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Get Images that Make Supersized Seem Small.Auctiva's Listing Templates improve your auctions in minutes. 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